Terms and conditions (Postal Money Transfer)


of the contract with the users of the Postal Money Transfers, provided by "SPEEDY" AD according to an individual license No. 3-013/06.06.2012

Section I: General Provisions

1. Postal money transfers (PMT) on paper within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions (GTC) are services for sending through the postal network of the Operator, which is licensed to perform services under Article 39, item 3 of the Postal Services Act, in amounts from sender to recipient.

2. The SPEEDY network includes stationary offices, mobile offices, sorting centers, transport and technical facilities.

3. These General Terms and Conditions of the contract with the users of PMT, provided by "SPEEDY" AD, regulate the terms and conditions for performance of the PMT service and determine the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties to the contract during its execution and use.

4. Users of PMT can be all individuals, sole traders, farmers and legal entities.

5. Users of PMT can get acquainted with the current GTC:
5.1. In every stationary SPEEDY office, where the GTC are placed at a visible and accessible place;
5.2. On the SPEEDY website, at speedy.bg, where they are published in electronic format.

6. The parties to the contract may agree on other conditions for the provision of PMT, for which they conclude an individual contract, an integral part of which are these GTC. If the parties agree on conditions for the provision of PMT, which are different from the conditions set out in these GTC, the former shall apply, although the latter have not been deleted.

7. By signing the documents that are filled in when accepting, transferring and paying the PMT, users accept that they know and agree with the content of these documents, as well as that they accept these GTC and agree with their content.

8. The Postal Services Act (PSA) and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to the events and concepts not agreed in these GTC.


Section II: Scope and Characteristics of the Services

9. GTCs apply to internal PMTs provided by SPEEDY on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

10. The amounts of PMT, as well as the value of the service can be collected in cash at SPEEDY's office or in cash at the user's address.

11. The amounts of PMT can be paid in cash, at a SPEEDY office or at the user's address.


Section III: Conditions for Access

12. SPEEDY guarantees equal access of users to the PMT provided through its network.

13. The contract for the provision of the PMT service is in two parts – Receipt (import note/bill of lading) for acceptance of PMT and these GTC, and it is considered to be
13.1. Concluded, with the issuance and signing by the user of a Receipt (import note/bill of lading) for PMT, containing the necessary information for the implementation of the service and acceptance of the amount of the transfer;
13.2. Completed, with the payment of the service by the user, and:
- payment of PMT amounts;
- return of the senders of the PMT amounts;
- accrual of the amounts from unpaid PMT under the procedure of Article 30 of this GTC.


Section IV: Terms of Service. Secrecy of Correspondence and Postal Security

14. SPEEDY undertakes to pay each PMT within the terms announced in the current Tariff, in case the data specified by the Sender in the Receipt for PMT are complete and correct. The maximum terms for the service are:
14.1. For settlements with a stationary SPEEDY office – one working day;
14.2. For settlements served by SPEEDY's mobile office – according to the service schedule, but not later than 3 (three) working days.

15. SPEEDY shall ensure the confidentiality of users' correspondence and postal security requirements, both during the provision of the postal service and thereafter, by:
15.1. SPEEDY is not entitled to assign PMT amounts;
15.2. It is not entitled to provide inquiries and information about PMT, except to the sender and the recipient or to persons authorized by them, as well as by order of the competent state authorities, in accordance with the procedure established by law;
15.3. It is not entitled to provide information about personal data of users to third parties, except to the competent state authorities, in the manner prescribed by law;
15.4. Undertakes all possible measures and actions for protection and preservation of the funds, the property of SPEEDY, the life and health of the employees and the consumers; guarantees the secrecy of correspondence, protection of personal data and assists the competent state authorities in detecting violations and crimes committed against or through the postal network, in accordance with the law.


Section V: Prices and Methods of Payment

16. SPEEDY shall form the prices of PMT and the ancillary services it provides, in accordance with supply and demand, by submitting them to the Commission for the Regulation of Communications for information before their entry into force.

17. All prices for PMT and additional services to them, provided by SPEEDY, are included in the Tariff for PMT, which consumers get acquainted with through:
17.1. Placing at visible and accessible place in each SPEED stationary office;
17.2. Publication of the SPEEDY website on the Internet, at speedy.bg.

18. The prices of PMT and additional services to them are paid by the consumers according to item 10 of these GTC.

19. SPEEDY may agree with consumers that the payment for the services shall be made at agreed terms and certain conditions and prices.


Section VI: Conditions for Accepting and Paying Postal Money Transfers

20. PMTs shall be accepted in one of the following ways:
20.1. From the address of the Sender;
20.2. In an SPEEDY office throughout the country, within the working hours set by SPEEDY, which is placed at a visible and accessible place for all users in the offices, as well as announced on the SPEEDY website on the Internet, at speedy.bg.

21. PMT shall be paid in one of the following ways
21.1. In cash, at the address of the Recipient;
21.2. In cash, in a SPEEDY office throughout the country, within the working hours set by SPEEDY, which is placed in a visible and accessible place for all users in the offices, as well as on the SPEEDY website on the Internet, at speedy.bg.

22. PMT shall be paid in cash to the person designated as the recipient, to his parent or legal guardian, if he/she is a minor or under age or explicitly authorized by the recipient or his/her guardian, against a presented identity document and handwritten signature.

23. In case of PMT, SPEEDY notifies the recipient by telephone call to the recipient's landline or mobile phone specified by the sender. In the event that the specified telephone number is incorrect or incomplete and it is not possible to contact the recipient, a SPEEDY employee visits the recipient's address and serves a PMT notification or leaves a sticker with information about the visit in case the recipient is absent.

24. The term for receipt of PMT by the recipient is 30 days from the date of their issuance. It can be extended for another 15 days after written notice by the sender or recipient.

25. The refusal of the recipient to receive PMT shall be noted and certified by his signature on the receipt/bill of lading for the receipt of PMT. If the recipient refuses, this is certified by the SPEEDY employee, who enters the refusal and certifies it with his signature.

26. Recipients of PMT may authorize other persons in writing to receive them. In these cases, the PMT is paid to the authorized person against an explicit power of attorney and an identity document presented.

27. In case PMT recipients have changed their address or wish to pay PMT at a specific SPEEDY office, of which they have notified SPEEDY in writing, the transfers shall be forwarded to their new address or to the office of their choice.

28. PMT amounts which have not been paid to the recipients because they have not been claimed within the time limits specified in the notices; the recipients refuse to receive them; they have gone to unknown address; they are unknown at the specified address; the specified address is insufficient or does not exist – such PMT shall be returned immediately to the senders within 7 days from the date of establishing the impossibility of payment, of which the senders shall be notified on the day of return.

29. PMT which have not been received within 30 days from the date of their issuance shall be returned to the senders immediately after the expiration of this term, of which the senders shall be notified on the day of return.

30. Unpaid PMTs that cannot be returned to senders because they have not provided a complete and accurate address, or refuse to receive them back, or have gone to an unknown address or have not appeared to receive them within 30 days of their notification, shall be sent to the SPEEDY Headquarters for storage for a period of three years, after which they shall remain in favour of SPEEDY.


Section VII: Rights and Obligations of SPEEDY and Users

31. SPEEDY has the following rights and obligations:
31.1. SPEEDY is obliged to provide the PMT service on equal terms to users.
31.2. SPEEDY is obliged to provide users with information about all features of the services, including their prices, as well as at the request of users – information on the terms and conditions of use of the services, placing GTC and the Tariff at a visible and accessible place in each office, on its website, and provide them free of charge to users upon request;
31.3. SPEEDY is required to handle claims and indemnify users as provided in these GTCs.
31.4. SPEEDY is obliged to perform the service paid by the user, with quality parameters defined in these General Terms and Conditions.
31.5. SPEEDY undertakes to execute additional orders of the Sender before the PMT is paid, if they are executable and do not violate the organization of SPEEDY's work.
31.6. SPEEDY has the right to organize and perform at its discretion all operational activities for the receipt, processing and payment of PMT, as it deems optimal or appropriate.
31.7. When performing the PMT service, SPEEDY undertakes to comply with all requirements concerning this activity from the Anti-Money Laundering Measures Act and the Anti-Terrorist Financing Measures Act.

32. Users of the PMT service have the following rights and obligations
32.1. Users have the right to receive information in an accessible way about the GTC, the PMT Tariff, the working hours of the SPEEDY offices, the complaint procedures, the amount and conditions for payment of benefits;
32.2. Users have the right to file claims in cases of late payment, unpaid or incorrectly paid PMT amounts and to receive certain GTC compensation accordingly;
32.3. The senders have the right to dispose of the amounts of PMT until the moment of their payment to the Recipient, in their capacity of their legal holders and administrators, and undertake to bear all costs of SPEEDY for the execution of the orders.
32.4. The senders grant a limited right to the recipients to order a change of the day specified by the Sender for payment of PMT or extension by up to 15 days of the term for keeping the money transfers in a SPEEDY office.


Section VIII: Complaint and Compensation Procedures. Dispute Resolution

33. A complaint to SPEEDY may be filed by the sender or recipient, up to 6 months from the date of submission of PMT, in cases of late payment, unpaid or incorrectly paid amounts.

34. SPEEDY is not responsible:
34.1. where due to an incomplete or wrong address the money transfer is delivered to another person;
34.2. where the PMT sender has not lodged a written complaint within 6 months from the day following the day of the PMT submission;
34.3. for delayed or unpaid PMT due to incomplete or incorrect address;
34.4. for unpaid amounts under PMT, whose limitation period under item 30 has expired;

35. The right to complain has
35.1. The sender of PMT until its payment, and after its payment – the Recipient;
35.2. Until the payment of PMT, the Recipient is entitled to a Complaint and/or compensation only when there is a written consent from the Sender;
35.3. After the payment of PMT, the Sender is entitled to a Complaint and/or compensation only with the written consent of the Recipient.

36. The Complaint is certified with a photocopy of the Receipt/Bill of lading for PMT.

37. A complaint is regularly filed only if all the conditions of Section VIII of these GTC are met.

38. SPEEDY is obliged within 1 month to notify the claimant of the result of each regularly filed complaint. If the claim is upheld, the compensation is paid within 15 days from the date of notification. If the claim is rejected in whole or in part, or left unanswered within the period specified above, the claimant may submit a written request to the Communications Regulation Commission or other competent authorities for an opinion on the dispute and/or a claim before the court to resolve the dispute.

39. For the considered as well-founded claims for late payment of PMT, unpaid or incorrectly paid amounts under domestic and international PMT due to SPEEDY’s fault, the Operator owes compensation, which shall be an reimbursement of the paid value of the PMT service, specified in the tariff of Operator.

40. SPEEDY is not liable for indirect damages and unrealized gains as a result of incomplete or inaccurate performance of the service.

41. Disputes between consumers and SPEEDY are resolved on the basis of good partnership, through negotiations and additional agreements. In case of disagreement, each of the parties may request assistance from CRC, other competent authorities or refer the dispute to the competent Bulgarian court.

The Postal Money Transfer service is provided after concluding a contract with SPEEDY AD.

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